Master Mixologist Eugene

Master Mixologist


1st Heat: Danny Barnum from Marche


Danny has been working in fine dining for the last nine years and in bars specifically for the last seven. In Eugene, he has only worked at Marche and Oregon Electric Station. Cumulatively he has worked at Marche for four years now. He loves using local spirits and creating seasonal cocktails. Stylistically he enjoys recreating classic cocktails with his own twist that anyone can appreciate and make.



1st Heat: Jason Randall from Cafe Soriah


Jason Randall has been bartending for the past four years at both Cafe Soriah and Sushi Pure and at the late Sweet Basil Thai. He has learned from reading, community, trial and error and what a good cocktail is and should be. He loves talking alcohol and feels lucky to work and have worked in places that gives him freedom to try new things and experiment. He loves the look on people’s faces when they’ve tried something new and love it! That’s why he loves his job.



2nd Heat: John Anderson from Plank Town Brewing Company

tmp_8484-FB_IMG_1493310359424997334930John Anderson has been in the service industry since 2006. He’s been bartending at Plank Town Brewing Company for four years, but has been experimenting with food and drink for many years prior. John has a passion for all things craft which continuously fuels his undertakings in all aspects of the service industry. He’s driven to blend traditional ingredients with an innovative twist in order to create unique yet enjoyable cocktails. Overall, his goal is to provide a memorable experience through craft drink, food, and service. 


2nd Heat: Andrew Lathrop from Belly Taqueria


Andrew Lathrop  was born March 1st, 1973 in Oskaloosa Iowa. He studied industrial design technology at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Lathrop moved to Eugene in July 1997 and started bartending at Sam Bond’s Garage which was voted top 40 best bars in America by Esquire Magazine in July of 2006. In May of 2011, Lathrop started tending and became bar manager at Belly Taqueria. He still tends at both spots and loves creating great original signature cocktails.



Master Mixologist Eugene will consist of three competing mixologists battling it out to outperform, out create, and impress the judges and guests. Mixologists will go head to head and create a taste for Food Scene Eugene judges and guests. Mixologists must create an original and creative cocktail that is not on their restaurant’s menu.

The Rules:

  • Mixologists can only make one drink but must make three glasses (one for each judge)
  • All drinks must be original and created by the mixologist
  • No more than six ingredients can be used in each drink
  • Competitor must complete drink and routine within the allotted time of 15 minutes.
  • After completing routine and drink, mixologist must make sample pours for the guests of Food Scene Eugene